Booth "Stimme der Hoffnung", General Session 2015 San Antonio

Bildquelle: churchphoto.de; Thomas Vollmer
One year ago we were together in San Antonio, Texas celebrating the 60th session
of the General Conference and worshiping God together. Maybe you still remem-
ber our booth – the Stimme der Hoffnung booth – with the Martin Luther and the
wooden door where you could nail down your personal reformation thesis. If you
have written one, we hope that with the help of God you were successful in imple-
menting it in your life.
Here you will find information to the tours you can already book for 2017.
Come to Germany, Europe and experience the places and the spirit of Reformation
and visit key Adventist education institutions. We are happy to receive you and be
your guide to those special places.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther published his 95 theses on the Power and
Efficacy of Indulgences. Luther’s famous posting of his theses on the door of the
Wittenberg castle church were the prelude to the Reformation, one of the central
events in European history.
His religious, social, political and cultural affects gained historical importance glo-
bally. The Reformation encouraged the development of an image of humanity that
was based on a new Christian concept of freedom. Therefore the formation of auto-
nomy and the question of conscience for each individual person gained center stage.
The Reformation crucially influenced nlightenment and basic human rights, just like
modern democracy.
Luther’s translation of the Bible into German was essential for the growth of a uni-
form written German language and opened a door to education for a vast part of po-
pulation that had had no access to it before. There is hardly any sphere of life that
wasn’t touched by the Reformation.
On October 31, 2017, the posting of the theses celebrates its 500th anniversary.
This anniversary is preceded by the Luther decade that started in 2008. It unfolds
the second spectrum of subjects of the Reformation and its impulses, which even
reach into our time, and each year has its own theme.